The Kraytwinz
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The Kray Twinz have amassed an array of accolades during their career. They have created international smash hits, produced award-winning music for TV shows, movie soundtracks and video games through House, Bhangra, Hip Hop and R&B. 

Their midas touch is still intact. These experimental hit-makers are a brand that have loyal and fierce supporters. They are media champions who are constantly watched for their next move. 

Their musical education began early and, in contradiction, was born out of classroom boredom. When most kids were obsessed with Tekken and Street Fighter, the Twinz were strategically mixing techniques and buying up records. Today, their collection of vinyl alone takes up the ground floor of their studio. 

Their debut into the world of music and production came at the age of 13 when their mixing skills were put to the test at a family party. The reaction of all proved what they believed, and encouraged them to achieve stardom. 

The first time they played to a club crowd was in Coventry and was the genre of House music. This is a world away from what their tastes have evolved into today, but won them hoards of fans. From funky to dirty, commercial to electro, House was the game and they were making a name for themselves. After mastering this and becoming synonymous amongst promoters as well as crowd fanatics, the Twinz turned their attention to creating their own music and production. 

Their first big production was for Panjabi MC, where the entirely non-English language track turned into a ground-breaking crossover anthem that hit number 1 spots in Europe and around the world. Their debut solo release was another global smash hit. Its experimental nature paired British master of Grime Lethal Bizzle with US heavyweight Twista and was a recipe for success. 

Since then the Coventry born twins have steadily moved onwards and upwards. They created a song for the highly acclaimed EA sports game Fight Night, which was nominated for Best Video Game Soundtrack at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. In an effort to keep creating experimental music for the masses they teamed up with Jamaican superstar Elephant Man. Together they created the song Indian Dance which rocked dance floors around the world with their signature hard-hitting bass. 

Their remix portfolio includes platinum artists Mark Morrison and Keyshia Cole. Today, the Twinz have ticked most of the boxes they had dreamt of by working with the likes of Sting, DMX, Jay-Z, Ray J, Truth Hurts, Lee Ryan, Mr Vegas, Cecile and Pharcyde. 

More recently, the Twinz have turned their hand to the film industry creating the title song 'Hustle' for the Sean Bean Hollywood motion picture 'Cash'. The single broke boundaries, as it brought together a dream-team featuring American rap superstar Twista, the UK's pioneering and award-winning rapper Sway and British artist Jag Soulsinger. 

Hot off the success of Hustle, the Twinz were approached by Bollywood producer Pritam to create the song 'Second Hand Jawani' as the title song for one of the biggest films of 2012, 'Cocktail'. The song was such a success it had its own music video, featuring the film's star-studded cast Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty. 

Preparing the next step of their journey, the Twinz are continuing to excel at integrating traditional Indian aspects of musical sounds into western concepts- which has become their trademark. The Twinz are currently busy with their latest music project- launching later this year, so make sure you're at the start line!


Proud Winners of the Best Dj Award at the Brit Asia World Music Awards 2017!